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Online Dating : Pushing The Limits

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  • When it comes to your dating life, every now and then you have to push the limits.  Sometimes that includes exploring fantasies, props, changing locations or incorporating a camera.  I’ve always been open to pushing my partners limits because of the excitement involved.  Once you experience the adrenaline rush, you’re addicted.  Recently I’ve pushed the limits with 2 different white women. Both of the circumstances are different, but provide some type of thrill.

    A couple months ago I wrote about an experience with someone who didn’t understand the reality of being a parent. Even though we never met, some how I became a challenge because I declined her sexual advances. Over the last couple weeks she’s messaged for a birthday booty call.  She’s messaged for a after work hook up.. she’s just keeps messaging. I think it’s because I’ve kept saying no. Seriously? What kind of guy says no to late night, no strings attached sex? Me, of course.  ( sometimes)

    After finding out she was sexually frustrated from her last sexual experience, I decided I wanted to do something different. Our last conversation turned into me pushing the limits. I decided that I wanted to know what she would say yes to.  So I told her that I had some rules for her, if she wanted me to be a booty call.  You might laugh, but I was making the list up as I went.

    Shave ( i hate hair) I don’t share ( once we hook up.. you’re on lock or I’m done) No questions I’m fixed - don’t say ya want kids, don’t say you’re late, don’t message saying I might be pregnant. Be prepared to have sex in different locations - backyard, golf course at night, ect Taking pictures - taking pictures during the hook up.

    I will admit that some things on the list is exactly what I expect, but there are other things on the list that are totally off the wall. I won’t say which are which, but I pushed the limits.  It was fun to sit back and wait for her response. Shocking enough, she said yes. She was open to my list of booty call rules. I’m not going to say what happened next, but it will shock you which one of the rules she didn’t like.

    So after my conversation with her, I had a message from SWS39.  She wanted to release some sexual energy.  I was open to the idea, but I wanted to see if I could push her limits.  The only problem was, I’ve known her for almost 4 years.  And I think we’ve crossed that path a long time ago.  Hmmmm… nope I know of a couple things that we’ve never discussed.

    So I told her that it’s been a long time since I had a 3-some.  She laughed and mentioned that she’s too selfish to share.  Damn!  So I suggested that we have backyard or golf course sex.  She immediately said, “I’ve never had sex in the car.”  That reminds me of high school.  I’m not sure if that sounds exciting enough.  The next thing I suggested was elevator sex.  I’ve had it before, but that was 10 yrs ago and honestly it’s tough finding a high rise that doesn’t have cameras in the elevator.  The one thing that got a loud ‘hell no”, was my suggestion of going to a swingers club.  I was suggesting swapping partners.  I was suggesting letting others watch us.  It would be a great way to explore being a exhibitionist.

    Are some fantasys better unfulfilled?  Do fantasies make your sex life more exciting?  Do you think my list of rules was over the top?  Is the shortage of good lovers making it easier for a woman to accept me pushing the limits?  What have you done to make your sex life more exciting?

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