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Connect The Hp Printer To Your Windows

HP printer customer service for Windows includes the following versions: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 , Vista or XP. To connect the HP printer to your Computer, you need to link it to the network wirelessly via Ethernet / USB. This is because the printer driver is already included with the new operating systems on Windows, or you can get support from In windows: Go on to the search tool on Windows. Click The Start button. Change software installation on the search menu bar. The window for downloading the system opens. Select the choice which says automatically update. Hit change save. Printer Driver Installation For Windows: Go and get started. Select the search menu bar with the add printer. A new window opens that asks what kind of printer you 'd like to use. Pick the choice that says Add a wireless network or Bluetooth printer if you opt for a network link. Tap on the current port to use. Next Hit. But if you want to connect to USB then add a local printer. Pick your name for the printer. Select Next. A new window appears which says the printer driver is installed. Tap the Update button on windows. Choose HP or Hewlett Packard for a list of printer manufacturers to appear.

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